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Shown above is one of the types of testing done at Lab-14.  Pic was taken during a series of deflection tests done on a front sub frame to measure how the much the sub frame would deflect (bend but return to original) when stock and then with different combinations of Lab-14 and PTFB products intended to stiffen the platform by reducing deflection.

We want to design and produce products that work. Lab-14 products may not look high tech or be something people oooh and aaah over at the local cars and coffee and in fact hardly anyone will ever even know they're on your car, except you.  But when it's time for the car to perform we want it to be able to function it's best and so we do this type of testing to ensure performance.

The pic below was taken during some highway speed aerodynamic testing. We'll be offering some aero aids as products are developed.