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Lab Tests


Last year a member on the Performance Years forum started having reproduction welting made for the  2nd gen Trans am fender flares etc. in a few of the popular original factory colors. There's been a couple brands available but they weren't top quality and they weren't available in the original factory colors. Since the new welting is a more accurate reproduction than the products previously available a lot of people with cars who aren't using one of the popular original colors it will need to be painted. Since I do quite a bit of paint work I offered to test various paint prep materials, procedures, and final finishes. This is a long term test which started a few months ago and since I'm in S. Florida the test samples are getting tested out in our high intensity sunlight that can sunburn new cars in just a few years.

Basic results of the paint tests showed that Acrylic Urethane single stage or base coat clear coat and Acrylic enamel with a flex agent work well when used with an adhesion promoter. Epoxy and high fill primers do not hold well and should be avoided. Complete information on techniques and paint materials used can be found here, skip forward to page 15 of the thread for paint test details.