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002 Smooth center caps that fit American Racing Wheels click for description and more pics


Billet aluminum center caps that have been designed to fit specific American Racing Equipment wheels. They have a flat surface you can leave smooth or have engraved with your custom design. These caps clear spindles with the bearing cap installed like the ones used on 2nd gen Camaros. The caps are CNC machined and polished to a mirror finish and sold as a set of 4. Engraving and screws are not included. Stock countersunk screws that originally came with the wheels can be reused.

These caps only fit the American Racing Equipment wheels listed below and do not fit other models of A.R.E. wheels or any of the other brands of wheels that look like the A.R.E. wheels listed below.

Classic Torque Thrust II VN 405/505/515/815

Salt Flat VN 470/471

TTO VN 109/309/409

TTO Directional VN 475

Torque Thrust D VN 105/605