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70-81 2nd gen F body Sub Frame Body Mount Reinforcements for Cowl Mounts click for more pics and product details


The body mount brackets under the cowl section on the 2nd gens usually get rusty and thin over the years due to water being held by the original soft rubber body bushings. The rust thins the metal and weakens the section where the body mounts are pressed against the top and bottom of the body mount bracket that is welded to the sub frame. The Lab-14 body mount reinforcements get welded into the lower side of the mounting bracket on the sub frame strengthening the bracket where the body mount bushings contact reducing deflection and thereby stiffening the chassis.

They do not alter body panel alignment or cause any other issues installing stock or aftermarket bushings because they do not change the separation distance between the body and the sub frame. They are compatible with rubber, aluminum, polygraphite, and Delrin body mount bushings.

These Lab-14 plates are good for those use their cars for any kind of auto sport activities even if the body mount bracket isn't rusted because the addition of these plates reduces flex of the body mount brackets so they work great in combination with solid body mounts and frame connectors to stiffen up the 2nd gen platform. Sold in pairs.

 Aluminum body bushing shown in one of the pics is for demonstration and not included with a pair of reinforcement plates.