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70-81  2nd gen F body 9/16" Lower Control Arm installation tool    click for product details

70-81 2nd gen F body 9/16" Lower Control Arm installation tool click for product details


This is a simple handy tool that is used to hold the pieces to reinforce the LCA mounting reinforcement plates and washers while they are welded into place. It can also be used to spread or squeeze the LCA mounting points on the frame if necessary making LCA  mock up and installation easier. It is HIGHLY recommended to reduce time and effort required to place and weld our LCA reinforcements in place. The tool allows you to tighten the nuts squeezing the pieces for welding while preventing you from getting weld splatter on your new or original hardware and the nuts can be used for all mock ups with the special LCA mounting bolts that come in our LCA reinforcement kit. This allows the distorted thread nuts which come on the new LCA mounting bolts in our LCA reinforcement kits to be used only once during final assembly. Distorted thread lock nuts are considered single use fasteners.


This tool comes as seen in the pic and fits stock 74-81 LCA mounts as well as 70-73's (which were originally 1/2") if they have been (or will be) drilled out for 9/16" hardware. The very late 2nd gens with metric bolts are so close in diameter to 9/16" that this tool works fine with them.  Most aftermarket control arms etc. offered for the 70-81 F bodies use 9/16" hardware but check yours to be sure before ordering this tool. If you have a 70-72 which you are keeping stock you'll want our 1/2" version of this tool. If you have a 73 and are keeping it stock you'll want to measure an original LCA bolt because the change from 1/2" to 9/16" was made during the 73 production run. If you have any questions contact us before ordering.