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69 70 71 Firebird Reproduction Heater Hose Shut Off Valve Bracket 9797596 9.795 All F/A.C BRACKET, valve 1 1969 1971 9-68 click for details


Reproduction of the original bracket used to mount the heater hose vacuum operated shut off valve on the passenger side inner fender of 69-71 AC equipped models. This bracket is made of slightly thicker sheet metal so it won't bend as easily as the originals did yet it looks stock.  Sold individually.

These are small and light and can be shipped USPS first class so if you don't need any other items send an email to me and include your full name, shipping address with zip code and email address you'd like an invoice sent to. I'll send an invoice you can pay from and you'll save a few bucks on shipping compared to just ordering it here on the website because the shipping calculator will charge you $7.00 and it'll probably only cost 3-5 dollars 1st class in the USA.