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003.. 70-81 2nd gen F body Adjustable Brace for Upper Control Arm Shaft Mounting Bolt for use with PTFB GEN II G-Braces click for more pics and product details


G-braces have been around since Herb Adams & his crew were racing 2nd gens back in the early 70's. The basic brace idea itself was/is a good concept which triangulates the front sub frame to the upper cowl. This reduces deflection of the stock sub frame and stiffens up the overall platform so suspension and steering components can do their job better.

Modern suspension components combined with a huge improvement in tire technology during the 45 years since the 2nd gens were designed can put much more stress on the sub frame than it was originally designed for. Radial tires weren't even a consideration yet when the 2nd gens were on the drafting table and the hard rubber bias ply tires they came with were only 6-7" wide. Today we're putting foot wide sticky tires on much more sophisticated suspension systems that can generate much more lateral and braking G forces than the original engineers were designing for. The original tires would skid or slide waaay before the stress levels we can put on the cars now.

By using G-braces along with the Lab-14 products, sub frame deflection under loads is reduced considerably allowing the suspension to work it's best and keeping alignment geometry changes to a minimum during Auto-X, road course, and spirited driving activities.

The PTFB G-braces are a very stout design and the latest versions include a nice adjustable feature that allows them to be easily installed on most 2nd gen F body's. The braces are actually much stronger than the cars they're being installed in and the Lab-14 adjustable braces shown here as well as the upper cowl sandwich plates can help the G-braces perform their best by strengthening and supporting the contact points at the upper and lower ends of the G brace. By strengthening the points where the forces transferred by the G-braces act on the cowl, upper control arm mounting bolt, upper control arm mount, and sub frame we can make the G braces function even better when the car is pushed to it's limits.

The adjustable Lab-14 UCA bolt brace fits between the front UCA bolt/stud and the frame horn on roughly the same angle as the main tube of the G-brace. This support transfers loads from the G-brace to the front frame horns reducing the load on the spline section of the UCA bolt by providing additional support on the other side of the G-brace to help prevent tipping or wiggling of the UCA bolt/stud. These adjustable UCA cross shaft mounting stud supports are recommended for any style of G braces that use the forward UCA mounting bolt/stud as the lower attachment point of the G brace.

The Lab-14 braces require drilling a hole in the sub frame on each frame horn for the lower mounting point. If using a stock steering box with the extra unused 4th mounting tab on the box that mount needs to be ground off of the box to provide clearance where the brace bolts to the frame  The braces also require light modification of a factory opening on the outside of each frame horn to provide a slightly larger opening so you can install the lower bolt for the adjustable brace. Installation instructions here on the website.

 These can be used with the original UCA cross shaft mounting studs, 1/2" UCA cross shaft bolts that come with some coil over conversion kits, or our modified ARP oversized base studs. These braces do not come with the UCA cross shaft mounting hardware because of those options.  Lab-14 adjustable UCA cross shaft mounting stud/bolt supports are painted with black epoxy primer and are sold in pairs with the hardware for the lower mounting point on frame horn included.