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Zz24........ 100 Ravenala madagascariensis seeds Travelers Palm, Fresh Jan. 2021

Ravenala madagascariensis Travelers Palm 100 seeds fresh the first-third weeks of Jan 2021 Fl and collected by International Palm Society member. Shipped in padded envelope using USPS First Class including tracking.

While Ravenala madagascariensis can be grown as a house plant till it's too tall, when planted outdoor Travellers palms (technically not a palm tree) become large and may cluster (if allowed) as you can see in the pics with an inflorescence weighing over 20 lbs.  The seeds are not an easy germination and you may want to try scarification techniques (see link below). Zone 10-11 plant and may survive in a well protected 9 micro climate.

For more info on them follow these links

Germination study: