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Zz20 Draceana fragrens massangeana cuttings Variegated Corn Plant USPS Small flat rate box full


Draceana fragrens massangeana is the Latin name for the plant commonly known as as Variegated Corn Plant. Green tropical looking foliage with yellow center streak in the leaves. If it's warm enough for you to grow them outdoor they flower at least once possibly twice a year around the solstices. The flowers open at dusk each day for 5-6 days and make the area around them smell wonderful (hence fragrens).

I make the cuttings individually for each order so they're made when I pack your order. As you can see in the pics, I can fit roughly eight to ten 1/2"-1"+ thick cuttings in a box.  I measure them out a little under 8"" long when cutting them up for the USPS Small flat rate box so I can stack them in tight and you get what is basically a box of wood, hahaha. The exact number of cuttings is determined by how thick the plants are I chop up to make cuttings so it varies from box to box. Some settling may occur during shipping so when you get them you might think I could have fit one more in the box,  but at the time of packing I do try to fit as many as I can.

They like partial shade and wet feet outdoor in subtropical areas. They do well as an indoor potted plant in cooler climates. You can put the potted ones outside during summer months. DO NOT move them from indoor to full outdoor sun or you'll burn them. If you Google the Latin name Draceana fragrens massangeana you'll find lots of growing tips for care of these plants.

These are easy to grow from cuttings. To sprout these, just put them in a bucket of water till they grow roots or pot them directly in soil. Here (in S FL) I just put them directly in soil, then keep in shade till they grow roots & sprout new foliage buds. The cuttings I send are marked with a X  on the bottom end.

Price is for a USPS Small Flat Rate box full,  actual quantity varies. I can combine some small packages of small seeds with the cuttings but email me first before purchasing on this website at with your requested seed list and I'll figure out the shipping and send you an invoice to pay from securely.  It's been impossible for me to get the website shipping calculator to do it correctly and some combinations won't fit in certain size boxes. As an example, I could fit 50 small seed in with these cuttings but not even one bigger seed like a Wodyetia bifurcata.