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Zz29 Green Malayan Dwarf sprouted coconut seedling.

Zz29 Green Malayan Dwarf sprouted coconut seedling.


One green Malayan Dwarf coconut seedling Cocos Nucifera.  This variety has a very sweet tasting water in small to medium size nuts. They start producing nuts at a much shorter height than many varieties and the nuts can be picked by hand without a ladder for about 10 years.

Seedlings shown in pics are just random ones and when I ship I pick out the largest one I have that will fit in a USPS medium flat rate box. The roots are kept moist with damp orchid moss wrapped with plastic wrap and aluminum foil.  I ship live plants on Mondays so that they will arrive anywhere in the USA without sitting in the postal system on a Sunday so even if you purchase on say a Tuesday or Wednesday don't expect to get tracking numbers etc. until the following Monday. Most of the country is 2-3 days shipping.